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Wood Decor

Make your space a beautiful reflection of your creativity and artistry with Infix Advertising’s Wood Décor services. Our Wood Decors range from wonderfully designed and produced wall accents and art to exquisitely customized furnitures and fixtures that fit and follow your interior designs.

Our Wood Décor services take advantage of Infix Advertising’s already top-notch capabilities and machines in Digital Printing, UV Printing (Direct to Media Printing) and CNC along with some of the best wood working and carpentry machines in the market today.

Since our production capabilities are almost limitless, you have the ultimate freedom to have even the most complex and spectacular design ideas in mind. These special Wood Décor services are perfect for interiors of offices, hotels, shops and showrooms and even the living room spaces of your homes.



Colorbox Examples
A sample of the Wood Decor capabilities of Infix Advertising.